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[5pm on 2/15/06]
all of u suck eggs//
shave me.

RESOLUTIONS [12pm on 12/31/05]
New Years Resolutions:

-learn my times tables [[been #1 resolution for past 6 years]]
-get a 6 pack
-get strait A's [[just so i can get into AP classes]]
-concentrate in math
-be honest 24/7
-get the guy for once
-do sumthing crazy
-learn more about sailing&&music
-learn to scooba dive when we go to hawaii
1 bald firemen; shave me.

[7pm on 12/9/05]
i'm quitting.
nobody frikin reads this anyways
so its a total waste of time.
1 bald firemen; shave me.

[8pm on 11/21/05]
if you read this
because i feel like i'm wasting my time
2 bald firemen; shave me.

SHittee [8pm on 11/15/05]
hummmm lets see....
-today i ran into a pole
-and i forgot i put my backpack in my locker so i ran around the school freaking out and it turns out it was in my locker
-mrs.smith caught me writing a note so she took it away from me and it was personal
i hope she doesn't read it!
-and lots more that i don't want to talk about happened
-shitty day eh?
2 bald firemen; shave me.

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